Displaying Pandas DataFrames as org-mode tables

The tabulate package includes formatting of pandas dataframes as org-mode tables, except it appears not to do it correctly (-+- separator markup between header row(s) and table body instead of -|-). While that could be relatively easily corrected, tabulate also doesn't do anything in particular for pandas' MultiIndexes either. Here's some code that can display dataframes with simple or MultiIndexes in a relatively pleasing way:

Org-babel as an alternative to Jupyter notebooks

Foldable hierarchical outlines1 must, surely, be one of the building blocks of the universe. I wasn't particularly keen on the notebook format when I was still using Mathematica (which does have foldable headlines), preferring the Matlab-style popping up of windows which I could arrange next to each other on the screen. But I started adopting the Jupyter notebooks for python when I realized the Quixotism of my attempts to give figures names which would allow the subsequent reconstruction of their meaning. (I have gone so far as to save additional information in file metadata.)